Independent Omgudsman, State Supported Living Centers

The Office of the Independent Ombudsman was mandated by S.B. 643 [81st Legislature, Regular Session, 2009] in response to growing concerns about the quality of care at State Supported Living Centers [SSLCs] and services for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

The Office of the independent Ombudsman provides oversight and protection for residents of State Supported Living Centers by investigating, evaluating and reporting the policies and processes used to resolve appeals and complaints.  Further, the Office of the Independent Ombudsman is responsible for referring complaints of alleged abuse, neglect and exploitation of clients or employee misconduct to the appropriate entity.  The Independent Ombudsmen also act as advocates for the residents and clients of the Texas Department of aging and Disability Services [DADS].

The Ombudsman's office acts independently of DADS and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and reports directly to the state's executive and legislative branches.

Dr. George Bithos, Independent Ombudsman
Independent Ombudsman
Work:  512-438-4050
BB:  512-413-3629
FAX:  512-438-4085

For ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and a list of the Assistant Independent Ombudsmen located at each individual State Support Living Center visit the Website:  




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